Did you know?

Forests and wood products can effectively reduce the process of climate change in several ways.

When buying Wendy houses or Log cabins:

Many people prefer wendy houses and log cabins over new technologies. Wendy houses or Log cabin are the norm in South Africa and by far have the most charm and character. One advantage of using wood to build wendy houses is that it is easier to modify wooden structures, by adding windows, doors, partitions, shelving etc.

Wooden wendy houses does have a natural look and blend in well with garden environments.

When buying wendy houses or log cabins there are a few things that you should be aware of.

Treatment of wendy houses

Waksol or equivalent only to be used can be bought from any hardware store. Doors to be treated inside and outside.

Inspecting of wendy house

When the wendy houses is delivered an inspection form (delivery note) is supplied and the wendy house must be inspected with the delivery team while they are on site. The inspection form must be signed as soon as inspection is over so the 7 year warranty can be applied.

Site preparation

The ground must be fairly level with no obstacles in the way. Maximum height of bricks for the leveling off the floor - not more (higher) than 3 bricks. There must be a 300mm working space available around the wendy houses for the delivery team to install. 
If the ground is not fairly level please RFQ on stilts or concrete slab. If the delivery team feel that it is not safe to install the wendy houses on the given place we will need written consent of the client the you the client take full responsibility and no warranty will apply.

Doll houses

Painted doll houses only have a 7 year warranty for workmanship due to wear and tear and must be treated with a weather guard product on the outside within 3 months from the delivery date, for example grip seal available in different colors.

 About Eagle Wendys

Wendy houses have a proud, albeit quirky history here in South Africa. Whether the name ‘Wendy house’ comes from J.M Barrie’s famous play or the first playhouse made for a girl named Wendy, in the 1960’s, doesn’t matter. Wendy houses are popular and, in South Africa, they will stay. You can see them popping up and used for practically everything, like toolsheds, play houses, winter green houses and even housing. At Eagle Wendys, we specialize in the manufacturing and set-up of Wendy houses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small shed to put the garden tools in or you want a two bedroom place for a potential tenant on your property, we can certainly help you out.

Eagle Wendys started in 2011 and, since the years of our inception, we’ve focussed on providing the greater Gauteng area with the best constructed Wendy houses. We have customers that rely on our amazing products for a variety of purposes, from storage to housing. Our Wendy houses are manufactured from the highest quality, oven dried, CCA treated, SABS approved pine and erect them wherever a customer needs them. Our varied range of Wendy house sizes, from small 3 by 3 metre tool sheds to huge 3-bedroom house with a porch, will spoil you for choice and most of our customers appreciate our diligence and attention to detail. In fact, we even stock the things you can’t do without if you buy a Wendy house intended for housing. Bathroom and kitchen units, made with the latest amenity products, are ready to be installed in your new Wendy house by our skilled staff. 

It doesn’t matter what you need the space for, at Eagle Wendys we have all the space you need. Using only the best timber products, we can fabricate a superb storage space or home and have it up and ready in practically no time, thanks to our hard work and attention to detail. With our efficient operation and our professional, courteous staff, you may understand why Eagle Wendys is the preferred choice when shopping for Wendy houses in Gauteng!