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Our range of quality Log Cabins come in various heights. Optional extras include shelving, double doors, verandahs and partitioning. Roofs are generally corrugated iron, IBR Onduline roofs or fibre cent roofs are available. 

We have the following log cabins available :

- 3 x 4 log cabin wendy house with standard door and 1 standard window and 1 large window, standard corrugated iron roof and partition for bathroom.

-  2 bedroom log cabin house, 7.2 x 7.2 with sliding door, partitions for 2 bedroom and bathroom, 5 Large windows, knotty pine tongue and groove floor, ceiling and insulation with dry walling.

- bedroom log cabin 7.2 x 5.4with sliding door and 4 largewindows, 1M veranda, andwood stain. Knotty pinetongue and groove floor, with ceiling and insulation for roof.

- 3 bedroom log cabin house 8 x 13 with sliding door,partitionsfor 3 bedroom and bathroom, 5 extra Large windows,knotty pine tongue and groove floor, Insulation for roof only L-shape veranda.

- 3 bedroom log cabin house 6 x 9 with sliding door, partitions for 3 bedroom and bathroom, 5 extra large windows, knotty pine tongue and groove floor, insulation for roof only.

- 2.4 x 3 log cabin, 2 standard windows, 1M veranda and standard door.

- 3 bedroom log cabin house 10.2 x 7.2with sliding door, partitions for 2 bedroom and bathroom, 5 large windows,knotty pine tongue and groovefloor, ceiling and insulationwith dry walling and 3 x 7 veranda.

- 5 x 6 log cabin bar hut withsliding door, 3 Large windows,knotty pine tongue and groovefloor, ceiling and insulationand 1M veranda.

- 1.8 x 4.8 log cabin with 2 doors,stilts 300mm, and steps, with green Harvey tile roof. Will be used for ablution block.

- 3 x 3 log cabin and 3 x 5 with sliding door, ceiling and
insulation, with corrugated iron roof.

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